About Us

Our Mission

Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (PARC) mission is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to adults with intellectual disabilities in our community. In fulfilling its mission, PARC strives to promote an environment in which individuals served are encouraged to make choices, increase skill levels, have access to opportunities to live, work, and fully participate in the community.

Our Vision

  • Treats individuals with dignity and respect by listening, learning, and responding in ways that honor individuals and give them control over their lives
  • Supports and inspires individuals to work towards their goals, dreams, and priorities
  • Promotes and encourages autonomy and provides supports for personal choices and preferences of individuals
  • Provides opportunities and supports for individuals to participate in activities they enjoy with people that they enjoy
  • Provide supports for individuals to help them be safe as they participate and engage in activities of their choice
  • Provide opportunities and supports for individuals as they exercise control over their daily schedule by choosing to participate in day services, employment opportunities, volunteer work, or some other activity

Provide supports which allow for diversity and acceptance of all individuals

Programs and services provided by PARC promote the principles of person-centered planning to empower each individual by providing supports and opportunities to make positive changes and growth so that each individual may lead a life of value in the community by having his or her hopes and dreams become a reality.

Our History

Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (PARC) formerly known as Petersburg Council for Retarded Children was initially established in 1956 as a private non-profit organization. The agency was started as a grassroots organization by parents and other concerned citizens in the Petersburg and surrounding communities. The advocacy group was concerned about the lack of services for children with developmental disabilities in our community. Shortly after its conception, the organization became affiliated with the state and national associations for retarded citizens. In the 1970’s the agency later shifted its focus to providing services for adults with developmental disabilities and started the Developmental Center. Over the years, the agency has had several name changes.

One of the most significant changes occurred in 2009, when the agency legally changed its name from the Arc of Petersburg to Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc. The acronym PARC now stands for Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

The name change occurred to more accurately reflect who we are today. Although the agency primarily started as an advocacy group for persons with developmental disabilities, over the years the major focus shifted away from advocacy to service delivery for persons with intellectual and related disabilities in the community. Advocacy is a part of all that we do, but providing a variety of services to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in our community is our mission today.

Today, we are best known in the community as PARC.